Tips for Renting a House (Flats, Duplex or Bungalow) in Enugu

Tips for Renting a House (Flats, Duplex or Bungalow) in Enugu

Are you looking for a flat, bungalow or Duplex for rent in Enugu?  Whichever is the case, you need to be very careful before you pay for your rent.  You need to be careful because you are not the owner of the property.   You need to know your legal right as a tenant.

This article will be providing you with some tips that will help you while looking for a house to rent.


Landlord Tenanat Laws in Your Location

The laws that guide both the tenant and landlord vary from location to location.  It is very important that you find what is applicable in your area.


Inspect the Property

Before you make payment for any property, you should inspect the property well.  Inspect the locks for doors and windows, the plumbing system and make sure the toilets flush is working well.  If you see any damage in the property, take a photo and inform the landlord.   Even if you landlord fails to fix the damaged area in the property, you should agree with him in writing that you will not be responsible to pay for the damage while packing out.

Read Your Tenancy Agreement

The tenancy agreement is the legal contract between you and the landlord.  It tells you the dos and dons in the landlord’s property.  If you are uncomfortable with any of the clauses, you should let the landlord know and if change it before you sign the contract.  Once you sign the landlord tenancy agreement, it is binding to both you and the landlord.

Rent Payment

It is important you pay your rent on time.  When paying with cash, ensure you get a receipt immediately after payment.


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