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List of Genuine & Verified Lands for Sale in Various Parts of Enugu

Homes ands Lands for Sale in Enugu

We try to make to make it easy for our visitors to find genuine and verified properties for sale in Enugu.  We also try our best to provide out customers with genuine property that are not in dispute.  We equally scrutinize sellers to make sure there are the real owner/owners of any property they present for marketing.  This page will provide you with list of both expensive and cheap land for sale in  various part of Enugu.

Land for Sale in Independence Layout Enugu | Enugu Real Estate.

The list below are summary of lands we have for sale in Independence Layout Enugu.  Independence layout has areas that are for residential purposes and for commercial purposes.  If you are buying land in any part of Enugu take note of what that.  So you don’t spend your money on residential property when you are planning to buy a land for commercial purposes.


We have comprehensive list of land for sale in Independence Layout here.

Houses  for Sale in Independence Layout Enugu

We have a number of duplex houses and bungalow houses for sale in Independence layout.  Houses for sale in independence layout are very expensive because of the high cost of land in the area. for list of houses for sale/rent in enugu, you can scroll to the top.

Land for Sale in New Heaven Enugu

We have very few land  for sale in New Heaven.  Most of the property for sale in New Heaven are Houses and Hotels.  Below are list of land for sale in New heaven.  These list are updated automatically when we post property.

Nothing found, please check back later.

Find more plots of land for sale in New Heaven Enugu

Land for Sale in Golf Estate Enugu

Golf area is a really hot area when  it comes to property buying.  We only have a few land property for sale in Golf Estate.  Most of the houses we have for sale in golf estate are duplex houses.

Land for sale in WTC Estate Enugu

WTC Estate is a New Estate in Enugu. If you are looking for nice estate where you can get land for sale then you have to put WTC estate into consideration. It is a very beautiful estate in the center of the city.  We have a number of lands for sale at WTC Enugu.

Recent Properties | Updated daily.

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New offers from Enugu Real Estate

Golf Annex Estate

The Ministry of Lands and Urban Development  is availing the general public an opportunity to own their own homes in well planned Estate called, Golf Estate Annex, strategically located at the Agu Abor Hills with the Coal City view..  You van find plots of lands for sale in golf annex estate by visiting  Golf Annex Estate  for more information.

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